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Are you still hand folding your letters, invoices, or statements? Whether you fold only 35 a week or even 35,000 an hour, Martin Yale has a folder that is sure to meet your needs.

Explore our broad range of easy-to-use and highly durable Martin Yale paper folding and creasing products ideally suited for churches, schools, offices large and small, mailrooms and the quick print industry.

The Count Machinery Company is a proud US manufacturer of quality finishing equipment, celebrating over 50 years!  Count & CRPC can apply our experience to keep you on the cutting edge of digital print finishing technology saving you time and money.

Create perfect folds with COUNT brand digital paper creasers ideal for the wide range of projects and workflows in professional print shops. Create multiple clean folds for booklets, brochures and other collateral without cracking or damaging toner using our condensed units with a much smaller footprint.

Choose from our range of digital creasing machines offering from 10-24 creases per page in addition to numbering, perforating and scoring. Select from manual feed or automatic top friction feed and vacuum feed systems, which allow you to work on other jobs at the same time. Crease bars feature wide and narrow crease settings, easily rotated for handling thin and thick stock.

All COUNT automatic paper creasers feature easy-to-use touchscreens and minimal set-up.

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Most of the COUNT products include the ability to perforate and score. Need to perforate your printed invoices, checks, and other direct mailers? Add up to four perforating wheels to create your very own custom and unique printed piece of literature with perforated tear-offs.

Martin Yale Products are found in offices worldwide providing solid performance in every operation. Whether you need office products that will organize your unruly desk or a folding machine that can fold stacks of paper in minutes,
​Martin Yale & CRPC have you covered.

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The COUNT product line was built on numbering. We provide a range of quality numbering machines with a variety of types and capacities – manual or automatic, friction or vacuum feed, various paper sizes and volumes, plus additional features.

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