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  • Battery backup plus integrated automatic voltage regulator
  • Audible low-battery indicator
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Automatic save and shutdown when used on computers
  • ​Available in multiple sizes

The Mega Conditioner comes to the rescue for heavy duty power issues, like when the Copier Guardian II just isn't enough.

Copier Guardian II TBF 15

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  • Aolves the worst power problems, when the Copier Guardian II just isn't enough
  • Replaces the need for isolation transformers
  • Eliminates voltage sags and swells
  • Reduces degradation of electroical components
  • ​Available in 15 and 20 amp

The Copier Guardian II is specifically designed for copiers, fax machines, printers and other sensitive electronics. 

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Many years ago we had a problem with something we didn't think we could control - power problems. We tried partnering with several companies before we found a company located in the United States. That company, Smart Power Systems, has ended up being an extremely successful partner for us and our customers. We have been able to eliminate the majority of all power problems. You don't have to be a contracted customer, however, if you are please remember that having power protection on your device is contractually required. Contact us at here if you have any questions. 

Mega Conditioner

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Venus 2 Gen UPS


  • High voltage surge and lighting protection
  • Low voltage spike and noise protection
  • Prolong Overvoltage Protection
  • Reverse polarity/no ground protection
  • Ground loop protection
  • ​Available in 15 and 20 amp